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M/S Hadsel – the Hadsel was built as a local charter boat which was to transport people between the Lofoten and Vesteralen. After World War II it functioned as the express service - Hurtigruten, the first with an engine. Between 1950 and 1958 it was used again as a charter boat. In January 1958 it sank due to bad weather and strong currents near Reine. Fortunately, no passenger died. The wreck is now on the sandy seabed at a depth of 45 meters. Visibility is usually very good.

MS Karlshorst – is a German freight ship which transported wood from Russia along the coastline of Norway. It got into trouble on the outer side of Rost (the most western group of the Lofoten). After the accident Karlshorst  was supported by a tugboat but the ship could not be rescued. On 27 October 1977 it sank in Nappstraumen near BALLSTAD. The wreck is beginning to break down, so you have to be careful as there are pieces falling apart. It lies at a depth of 12-22 meters. You can encounter numerous species of small and big fish that live inside the wreck.

Gudrun Gisladottir – an Icelandic ship designed for herring fishing hit a rock near Nappstraumen on 18 June 2002. After a few attempts of towing it to the harbour the rescuers had to let it sink. The boat sank the day after the accident. It lies on a flat sandy seabed at a depth of 40 meters. It is still in a very good condition. There can be currents in the area.

Rio X – built during World War II, then sold to Germany. It had various functions, including that of a hospital ship. After the war it helped in clearing the coast of mines. On 18 July 1945 it hit one of them and sank. The ship is severely damaged but you can still find a few interesting details. It lies at a depth of 45 meters.

Farm KNM – built for the Norwich navy in 1900. It had a lot of functions, including that of a hospital ship, and during the war served to defuse mines. It was rebuilt many times. The last owner in Kabelvåg renamed it as SIW-Aina. On 15 October 1982 the ship sank. It lies at a depth of 20 to 30 meters. Next to it there is another wreck which can be visited during the same dive.

DS Hamburg - Hamburg was sunk by the British during the Claymore operation (also called the first raid on the Lofoten) on 4 March 1941. The ship rests in the harbour at a depth of 6 to 25 meters.

S/S Ramo – the story of the Ramo is among the saddest in the Lofoten. It survived the war and resumed its service as a freight ship to carry fish. On a quiet night before Easter 1946 it rested in the part of the bay just reopened after defusing of mines. While waiting to be reloaded, on Easter morning 21 April 1946 it came across the only mine left undefused. The entire crew of 15 people died. The ship is at a depth of 10-21 meters. Its anchor was picked up and placed for commemoration outside a nearby church.



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